B. 1985 in Dallas, TX

Lives and works in NY


2012 – The School of the Art Institute of Chicago – MFA

2007 – University of North Texas – BFA


2024 what happened to the music?, Selenas Mountain, Barely Fair. Chicago, Illinois.

2022     I’m feeling much better now (with Arthur Pena), Selenas Mountain. Brooklyn, New York.

2021     Reclaiming the MoonGalerie Frank Elbaz. Dallas, Texas.

2020     LOADEDOTI. Los Angeles, California.

2019     Theres nothing that a hundred men on Mars could ever doCelaya Brothers Gallery. CDMX, Mexico.

2018     BO-DE-GAS, Andrew Rafacz Gallery. Chicago, Illinois.

2017     Don’t cross streams while trading horsesLuis de Jesus. Los Angeles, California.

2017     the ants are my friends, and they’re blowin’ in the windJacob Lewis Gallery. New York, New York.

2017     texting while drivingBill Brady Gallery. Miami, Florida. 

2016     Wet & WildBrand New Gallery. Milan, Italy.

2016     Josh Reames + Jose Lerma,  Luis de Jesus. Los Angeles, California.  

2016     Trash DayAndrew Rafacz Gallery. Chicago, Illinois.

2015     poise in the noiseJosh Lilley Gallery. London, UK.

2015     Time Flies Like a Banana (with Ron Ewert and Greg Ito), Johannes Vogt. New York, New York. 

2015     CO-ED (with Amber Renaye), Oliver Francis Gallery. Dallas, Texas.  

2014     AU NATURELAnnarumma Gallery. Naples, Italy. 

2014     Suntan (with Alistair Matthews), Moroso Projects. San Francisco, California. 

2014     #PAINTINGLuis de Jesus. Los Angeles, California. 

2013     TripperCircuit 12 Contemporary. Dallas, Texas. 

2013     ANDUnion League Club. Chicago, Illinois. 

2012     Conventional wisdom (with Ron Ewert), Autumn Space. Chicago, Illinois. 

2011     What LIes beneath (with Deb Sokolow), Good Children Gallery. New Orleans, Louisiana.

2009     Mendeleevian SpectreFt. Worth Community Art Center, Ft. Worth, Texas.

2009     Anti-MatterDarke Gallery, Houston, Texas.


2021     NADA Foreland, Catskill, New York.

2021     Group ChatJulius Caesar. Chicago, Illinois. 

2021     In Crystalized TimeMuseum of Museums. Seattle, Washington.

2021     I & the ME, SHOPHOUSE. Hong Kong. 

2019     Scenes from the American LandscapeTeam Gallery. New York, New York.

2019     Painting Zeitgeist, Achenbach Hagemeier. Berlin, Germany.

2019     Post Analogue Studio, The Hole. New York, New York.

2019     The Celebration of PaintingSophis Gallery. Seoul, Korea.

2018     PlutoGuerrero Gallery. San Francisco, California.

2018     In the Depth of SurfacePablos Birthday. New York, New York. 

2017     Postcards from AmericaCelaya Brothers Gallery. Mexico City, Mexico.

2017     Wave, COUNTY. Tampa, Florida. 

2017     Post Analogue Painting 2The Hole. New York, New York.

2016     Taste My Braindrops, Mindy Solomon Gallery. Miami, Florida.

2016     Landfill/BedrockGuerrero Gallery. San Francisco, California.

2016     MirrorMirrorEric Firestone Gallery. East Hampton, New York. 

2016     New American Paintings, Elmhurst Art Museum. Elmhurst, Illinois. 

2016     SurrealKoenig Galerie. Berlin, DE.

2016     The Aging CoconutRoberto Paradise. San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

2016     ImagineBrand New Gallery. Milan, Italy.

2015     Continuous Surfaces (with Sarah Cwynar, Cole Sayer, and Lukas Geronimas), Andrea Rosen Gallery.    
               New York, New York. 

2015     The Negative HandAnonymous Gallery. Mexico City, Mexico

2015     HA HA! BusinessLuis de Jesus. Los Angeles, California 

2015     Baudrillard’s AmericaAndrew Rafacz Gallery. Chicago, Illinois.

2015     Post Analogue PaintingThe Hole. New York, New York.

2015     Five,LVL3. Chicago, Illinois. 

2015     2159 Miles (off-site exhibition curated by Brand New Gallery).  San Juan, Puerto Rico.

2014     The Go BetweenMuseo Di Capodimonte. Naples, Italy.

2014     Buying FriendsUrban Institute of Contemporary Art. Grand Rapids, Michigan.

2014     Cat Call, 356 Mission. Los Angeles, California. 

2014     Ducks (curated by Ryan Travis Christian), Greenpoint Terminal Gallery. Brooklyn, New York.

2014     All of us together,  Guerrero Gallery. San Francisco, California. 

2014     For Your Eyes OnlyAnnarumma Gallery. Naples, Italy. 

2013     YOU ARE HERE, The Hole. New York, New York.

2013     Timeshares, LVL3. Chicago, Illinois.

2013     SHIT IS REALDevening Projects + Editions, Chicago, Illinois. 

2012     Go to PiecesMonya Rowe. New York, New York. 

2012     Sea ChangeAndrew Rafacz Gallery. Chicago, Illinois. 

2012     WHITE NOISECircuit 12 Contemporary. Dallas, Texas. 

2012     Did You See Heaven?Peregrine Program. Chicago, Illinois. 

2012     PLANTimPLANTDittrich & Schlechtriem. Berlin 

2012     Ground Floor 2012, Hyde Park Art Center. Hyde Park, Illinois.

2012     New Curators, New IdeasMeulensteen. New York, New York.

2012     Issuing ForthRobert Bills Contemporary. Chicago, Illinois.

2011     PAINTED, (curated by Tyson Reeder), Green Gallery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

2011     Beach Party 4, The Hills Esthetic Center. Chicago, Illinois. 

2011     New New Chicagoans, Co-prosperity Sphere. Chicago, Illinois. 

2011     A CouplingHungryman Gallery. Chicago, Illinois. 

2011     Chicago 7Darke Gallery. Houston, Texas. 

2011     A Healthy SkepticismSwimming Pool Project Space. Chicago, Illinois. 

2009     2009 Joseph Frasca Memorial Works on Paper Exhibition, Around the Coyote Gallery. Chicago, Illinois.

2009     ArtHouston: IntroductionsDarke Gallery, Houston, Texas.

2009     500X Expo 2009, 500X Gallery. Dallas, Texas.


2019      Fountainhead Residency. Miami, Florida.

2018      La Brea Residency. Los Angeles, California

2012      Ox-Bow fall residency. Saugatuck, Michigan (full funding sponsored by Joan Mitchell Foundation)


2012      Lucie Hartrath Scholarship

2011      Juror’s pick – New American Paintings, Midwest Edition #95

2011      Joseph/Emily Gidwitz Scholarship                                                                                    

2010      Club Choice Award, Union League Club of Chicago – Civic & Arts Foundation                      

2010      SAIC Incentive Scholarship, Chicago, Illinois



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2013      Josh Smith // Luhring Augustine, THE SEEN (web)

2013      Joshua Abelow // James Fuentes, THE SEEN (web)

2013      catalogue essay for Imaginary Friends: Geoffrey Todd Smith and Matt Irie, Northern Illinois University

2012      Geoffrey Todd Smith at Western Exhibitions, New American Paintings (web)

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2012      catalogue essay for New shoe 4 you: Recent works by T.J. Donovan, Dakota State University

2012      Sweet Water: Carl Baratta at Lloyd Dobler Gallery, New American Paintings (web)

2012      Joshua Abelow at Devening Projects + Editions, New American Paintings (web)

2011      Andrew Falkowski at Andrew Rafacz Gallery,  New American Paintings (web)

2011     Scott Reeder at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Chicago, New American Paintings (web)

2011     Ryan Travis Christian at Western Exhibitions, New American Paintings (web)


2014     California College of the Arts, San Francisco

2014     Northeastern Illinois University 

2011     Northpark University